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Italian Home Decorations

italian home decorations

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Italian Chapel ~ interior

Italian Chapel ~ interior

This is a photo of an Italian Chapel which I visited while on holiday in the Orkneys. I did not realise the impact this visit would have on me. Upon opening the doors I was rooted to the spot and felt a lump in my throat. I was totally amazed and in awe of the work I had the honour to view. The artwork was unbelievable. The perspective and colours were so real that I had to touch the 'bricks' to make sure they really weren't true bricks. The patterns were perfect as they sloped down from the ornate ceiling. An Italian - Domenico Chiocchetti alone had decorated The Sanctuary - and it was breathtaking. I felt so very humbled. To think, two Nissen huts were decorated by Italian POW's during WWII. I defy anyone not to gasp once they step inside. As a British citizen, I felt somewhat proud to think that these prisoners of war were allowed to have and to decorate a place of worship - and Domenico chose to stay until his work was finished even though his fellow prisoners had gone home. Such devotion to his work and his faith are beyond my understanding ~ this place will always evoke strong and emotional memories for me.

green star bunting 1

green star bunting 1

Lovely green, red and cream felt stars hanging fluttering from apple green tape - brighten up your home for spring!

italian home decorations

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