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Decorative Bathroom Shelving

decorative bathroom shelving

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Every house - 1911

Every house - 1911

7620 No. 2 Road, Richmond, BC.

Statement of Significance:

Description of Site: The Every house is a large Craftsman style home located on a residential main street among other single family houses of a similar scale but of newer age. The streetscape at the front of the house is enhanced by presence of a row of large maples.

Statement of Values: The Every house is a significant heritage resource because its history touches on a variety of aspects of Richmond’ s development. Originally built during a pre World War I boom in the economy as the manager’s house of a proposed superport in Steveston, the house also has agricultural roots as a 20-acre dairy farm with associated orchard plantings. Designed by prominent Vancouver architect W.P. White, its location in a new and trendy neighbourhood reflects the residential development of Richmond during the first decades of the 20th century. Equally significant, it has aesthetic significance as an authentically well-maintained example of the Craftsman style.

Character Defining Elements: Key elements that define the heritage character of the site include: · Demonstration of many typical elements of the Craftsman style, both in massing and details, including a front verandah, exposed rafter ends, bargeboards, decorative scroll cut triangular eave brackets, and gable screens designed as half-timbering. · A complex roof structure consisting of a side gable with a lesser-pitched gable roof over the front entry, there is a front gable dormer, and a hip roof covering the open verandah · The linear aspect of the row of large maples located in the narrow boulevard that extends across the front of the house · The landscape that remains to the side and rear of the house contains mature trees and is reminiscent of the property’s days as a working farm.

History: The Every house was originally constructed as the house for the manager of the superport that was proposed for Sturgeon’s Bank in 1911. It is not clear who financed the house, but when plans for the port were shelved, the builders of the home, J.E.T. Strickland and John Every, moved in. They lived in the house from 1911-1914and operated a dairy farm on the 20 acres on which the house was built. From 1914-1919 the house was rented to Ernie Zellwager, as Strickland and Every went overseas to serve in the First World War. Strickland was one of the War’s many casualties; John Every came home alone and resumed living in the house in 1919. Every married in 1920, and is documented as living in the house until 1954 when he sold the house and farm. The farm was eventually subdivided but there is no date documented for this. The current owner of the house is John Gould.

Architectural Style: Craftsman

Name of Architect or Builder: The architect of this house was W.P. White; the builders were the owners, J.E.T. Strickland and John Every.

Design Features: The house is rectangular in plan, with some extensions added, and with asymmetrical massing. The foundation is fully excavated concrete. The roof is quite complex; it is a side gable with a lesser-pitched gable roof over the front entry, there is a front gable dormer, and a hip roof covering the open verandah, which is located on the south side of the front facade. The roof cover is now asphalt; according to the building plans, the original roof cover was cedar shingles. The house exhibits many typical elements of the Craftsman style, including exposed rafter ends, pointed bargeboards, decorative scroll cut triangular eave brackets, and gable screens designed as half-timbering. Of two original rear porches, one has become a bathroom and the other a sunroom. The windows are multi-paned wooden casement and wooden sash, with some leaded glass. The front steps are as originally designed, and their side railings are wide and stepped. The house cladding consists of 10” wide rough boards at the foundation, and cedar shingles at the first and second floors; this cladding is as specified in the original building plans. The building is painted blue with white trim.

- City of Richmond



•Model: YL-8009
•Set Includes:
-Vanity Cabinet
-Ceramic Sink
-Man-made Stone Countertop
-Mirror, Wall Mounted Cabinet and Shelve
-Faucet and Pop-up Drain
•Vanity Dimensions: 1300*500*580mm
•Sink Dimensions: 600*500*165mm
•Wall Mounted Cabinet Dimensions: 700*165*356mm
•Mirror Dimensions: 600*800mm
•Sink: Ceramic
•Wood: High Quality Veneer Wood (Composite Wood)
•Finish: Espresso. Wood is properly sealed for moisture protection.
•Faucet: Copper with Chrome Finish
•Additional Features:
-Contemporary Style
-Wood Properly Dried to Prevent Warping and Cracking
-The Vanity Has Proper Sealed Finish to Prevent Peeling and Fading in Elevated Humidity Levels.
-Plumbing and Personal Items are hidden in The Enclosed, but Easily Accessible Compartment and Two Front Drawers.
-The Matching Mirror Comes with Mounted Storage Cabinet and Shelve for Decorative Accents or Items That Must Remain in Easy Reach.
-This Vanity Uses Framed Type Construction, Which Ensures Stability and Unsurpassed Durability for Many Years to Come.
-This vanity grants the perfect shape and quality finishing demanded of sophisticated applications.
-Faucet and Drain are Optional.

decorative bathroom shelving

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